Tired of trying bread recipes and still not getting the perfect texture, look and taste? Learn all the basics and science behind making the perfect loaf of bread using simple ingredients and that too with a twist- perfect sandwich bread with masala!


What will you learn?

  • The science behind each ingredient
  • Steps in bread baking
  • Making the dough from scratch and incorporating spices and herbs
  • Foolproof recipe
  • Shaping a loaf and baking
  • Explanation of concepts involved in bread making like, kneading, fermentation, shaping, etc
  • Tips and Tricks


  • Lifetime access to all content
  • Support over WhatsApp video/audio call/text available.
  • PDF guide
  • Easily available ingredients and substitutions.

Course Curriculum

      • Masala Bread Unlimited

    Student's work and reviews

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    All classes come with a very strong after class support. You can always ask your questions via WhatsApp! I always love to discuss baking with my students.

    Yes, all recipes are 100% eggfree! They’re developed especially keeping that in mind and ingredients are never directly substituted for eggs. That said, the extensive trials make sure all dishes are just as amazing as their egg- containing counterparts. 

    The online classes ensure that your experience will be at par, or even better than offline ones.

    You can study at your pace unlike offline classes where you have to cram it in one day.

    You can practice at the comfort of your home, understand your kitchen and oven instead of someone else’s.

    You get lifetime access to the videos and PDF, so you can watch it as many times and rewatch while making.

    And best of all, you get a very strong after class personal attention from me, so you can always discuss and resolve your queries

    Unlike YouTube, where you watch videos to learn recipes, with these courses you learn techniques. You get to learn the in-depth science behind baking, so you know exactly what happens when you want to make changes to a recipe, we don’t just scratch the surface but dig deep down into the vast world of baking.

    All recipes are tested over innumerable trials and very well researched to make sure they’re pocket friendly, easy to make and give consistent result incase you wish to sell your baked goods.

    Unlike a recipe you read on the internet, you always have after class support for inspiration, queries and anything else you might need help with.

    The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish. And even after that, you have lifetime access!

    Yes, in order to earn a certificate, you’ll have to send photos of your creation from each module and answer some basic questions after completing the course.

    All ingredients and supplies will be very easily available, my aim is to use basic, common, pocket-friendly ingredients in all recipes. That said, incase you ever have a problem finding ingredients or choosing between some brands, I’ll be more than happy to help you arrange them at the best possible prices.

    You get videos, PDF and masterclass support for every course.

    Amardeep Kaur
    Read More
    Thx to redolence .I really appreciate them .they taught me small small skills of baking in very nice way.simple and easy.which I could'nt knew when I did baking course worth 10000.and she herself is always there to teach anytime we can call or MSG.which is really so nice of her.i was so disappointed by my cakes earlier bt know I m getting confident after redolence taught me.thankuu so much.I know I will get better and better after baking more cakes with her help .thx once again
    Muskan Sharma
    Read More
    a few month ago i got to know about this page n took a class of cakes. she is a great person and her work speaks alot about her. she is a great communicator i got to know soo much as i m new to this profession. pure soul and talent❤️
    Rahavi Ganesan
    Read More
    Professional teaching and guidance for each and every doubt at any time.. I have learned a lot from the detailed videos.. Best part is I cn watch the videos n number of times.. Thank you for your moral support all the time.. I will highly recommend people to take the class without any hesitation..
    Read More
    I enrolled in a mini bread class of Shubangi. She is a diligent and patient teacher who is quick to respond to queries and believes in following up on questions. I also think that the mini bread class is fabulous value for money. I have no hesitation in recommending the same to others!
    Gayathri Ramadass
    Read More
    I have learnt bread making from her and honestly she is a great teacher. She helped me bake a wonderful loaf and she is always ready to help when needed. I would totally recommend to learn from Shubhi.
    Nandhini Srini
    Read More
    I am very happy that I got a best teacher and best mentor in my life❤️ I feel blessed 🙏 Your each and every support and also your encouragement has made me feel that I can also definitely bake and you were always there to help me at anytime. Because I ask many doubts each time but you didn't get fed up but you always helped me with clear explanation that really really helped me to understand mam. I have enrolled in Gourmet celebration cake course and I think I have chosen the best course and that too from you .. I watched your videos and it had in-depth explanation which was understandable and also clear so I will follow your recipes and will send you pics soon. Your such a lovable and sweet mam. Your kindness makes me very comfortable for me to speak with you so I am really happy🤩 Thanks so much mam♥️
    Vaishnavi Satyavolu
    Read More
    I have taken her classes and had cakes, cookies, breads, and almost everything there is to try and they're absolutely amazing! Cannot recommend Redolence bakery enough!
    Mrinal Bhutani
    Read More
    Hi Shubhangi, I tried your peanut butter cookie From the cookie masterclass. The taste and texture was so perfect! Just loved them ❤️. Looking forward to more classes from you! Above is just a small thing. More applause to you for - Your willingness to make people understand what exactly baking is and always be there to help! Good work! 👍
    Drishti Arora
    Read More
    Totally love the eggless sponge with variations ! Totally should learn from her 🙂 This eggless sponge is one which doesn’t make you miss egg in the texture of cake and look as well 🙂
    Dikshita Jain
    Read More
    Hey guys.... If you want to learn something professionally the this is the ryt place for you.... everything is explaind in their classess soo well i bet you will be more confiendent after attending there classes
    Khushboo Purkayastha
    Read More
    One of the best home bakers I have come across. Her flavours are really good and she customises as per your needs and occasion. Her customisations are very beautiful. I have also attended few of her classes and she has always been supportive to people who want to learn and have an interest in baking. She is also available so post class doubts and very helpful.
    Trusha Sahni
    Read More
    The perfect recipes one could ever ask for… usually u won’t have any doubt after taking the classes because they explain each and every process very beautifully plus the baker is also sweet 10/10
    Anahat Rampal
    Read More
    I'm really happy I decided to learn from Mam, She's been such a wonderful teacher and a great support throughout. I have achieved so much of finesse in my cakes after taking up the course. Thank you so much Shubhangi mam for creating such simple videos for easy learning and better understanding. And staying connected throughout 😊❤🙏.
    Bhavani Verma
    Read More
    I signed up for fruit cake & bread making course. Loved the details shared in the course and support I get every time I have a question or need suggestion irrespective of the time I ask questions. Thank you for being so patient and help me get better. I am glad to have signed up for courses you offer.
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