Gourmet Celebration Cakes Masterclass

Combo of Gourmet & Sponge Cakes

Dive into the Gourmet Celebration Cakes Masterclass! Master the art of cake making from velvety sponges to intricate decorations. Learn with 100% eggless recipes and natural flavors to create unique, Gourmet cakes that stand out. This course has already helped establish over 50+ home bakeries in past year already, be the next shining home baker with us!!

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Not just gourmet celebration cakes

You'll also be able to bake & sell

Using the exact same techniques, tools and recipes my students have made:

  • Tiered Cakes
  • Cupcakes
  • Jar cakes
  • Bento cakes
  • Pastries

All my students from this course are already baking these and selling like pros !!

Get now @ ₹ 3,990/- Only !!

Comprehensive Cake Mastery

Essential Baking Toolkit

Personalized Mentorship & Support

Imagine creating show-stopping gourmet cakes that make every celebration memorable

You're just a cake away from becoming the go-to premium baker in your community, just like many of my successful students!

    I've enrolled in Redolence's Gourmet Cakes course. In her online teaching videos, Shubhang covers every aspect of the subject in great depth. She puts a lot of effort in designing each of her courses and it's very evident from the content. I was initially skeptical about learning through pre-recorded videos. But I've now realised that since they were pre-recorded, there was no rush to complete the session within a set time and compromise on the explanation. The flow was step-wise, and one video covered one section from start to finish. This made it easier to learn and re-watch while I was practicing on my own.The language and procedures in Shubhangi's videos are easy to follow, and her recipes never fail. I've gone back to her videos multiple times just to imbibe all the knowledge she shares.

    Shriya Jambekar

      First of all THANK YOU VERY MUCH MAM! I had taken the Gourmet Celebration Cakes class from you. It was the stepping stone for me. Only through that class i was able to open my home bakery & started with only celebration cakes. Now i am known in my apartment for theme based cakes! To this day, all celebration cakes that i bake are your recipes only. You are a great teacher and awesome mentor. Anywhere im stuck or im unable to think on how to bake, you are just a ping away and always helped me. I am so happy that i found a great mentor like you.

      Manasa H R

        I love to bake cakes for my family. I thought that it's a nice idea to start a homebakery for business and to also improve my baking skills. M a housewife and also a mother of 5 years twin daughter. So it's very hard for me to attend offline baking classes. That's why I started searching online classes bt I can't find a suitable online classes for me. At that time I saw a advertisement of best selling sponge class of subhangi ma'am in a affordable price. I just enrolled it. And it is the best decision for my Homebakery. Bcz the way sheexplained everything is just amazing. Even a small thing she didn't miss. And also I like the way of her one to one support. After that I enrolled in gourmet course of ma'am. In this course she taught so many variations of flavors,icing, piping, nozzle techniques, decorations and many more things.

        Anee Ankita Rout

          Hi, I am Ruhina Javed,I have been thinking of becoming a homebaker since 8 yrs,but being a housewife and mother of 4 it was not easy. I attended online and offline workshop but still did not find that connection.When I joined Shubhangi ma'am online workshop for gourmet cakes( which are in detail) ,what I liked about her she shows keen interest in her students progress,she has solved my silliest query that to with patience. All thanks to her,under her guidance I'm soon gonna start my homebaking business with help of her bake biz plan finally. God bless you ma'am 😊.

          Ruhina Javed

          Get now @ ₹ 3,990/- Only

          With just one Masterclass, transform your cake-making skills and start creating masterpieces that command top prices and rave reviews

          Get now @ ₹ 3,990/- Only

          say goodbye to

          instead you'll discover

          say goodbye to

          instead you'll discover

          Get now @ ₹ 3,990/- Only

          Here's What you'll get in Gourmet Celebration Cakes Masterclass

          A combo of GCCM + Sponge Cakes Mastery - An ALL IN ONE course where you’ll learn how to make endless varieties of decorated gourmet cakes!

          Get now @ ₹ 3,990/- Only

          Every Step laid out for you to become a Gourmet Cake Expert

          Essential Modules to become the best baker

          Module 1

          Equipments and tools

          • How to choose the equipments when you start
          • The proper ways of measuring ingredients
          • Setting up your home oven perfectly
          • Preparing the pan

          Module 2

          Science behind every ingredient

          I’ll guide you through understanding the Baker’s formula, explaining why and how we exclude eggs, and the specific roles of sugar, dairy, fats, flour, baking soda, and powder. You’ll learn how to prepare your cake pan properly, and I’ll show you how to multiply and divide recipes confidently

          Module 3

          Practicing icing

          Learn everything about different nozzles, whipping cream and how to practice different icing techniques WITHOUT baking a cake.

          Module 4

          Sponge Cake - Science & Variation

          Sponge cakes mastery – Learn my bestselling professional eggless sponge cake in endless flavours, and how to make it in different sizes and store it Stable, flat top and super fluffy!

          Module 5

          Learn Endless Gourmet Cake Varieties

          In this module, I’ll take you through the exciting world of gourmet cake varieties. You’ll learn how to craft a wide range of luxurious cakes—from fruit gateaus adorned with fresh, vibrant toppings to decadent chocolate delights. Each lesson is designed to expand your expertise and skill set, allowing you to master the art of combining unique flavors and sophisticated designs to create your own new masterpieces.

          • Fruit Gateau
          • Cocoberry Cake
          • Cookies ‘n’ Creme Cheesecake Cake
          • Royal Indian Cake
          • Freakshake Cake
          • Death By Chocolate Cake
          • Salted Caramel Cake

          Module 6

          Storage & shelflife

          Discover the best practices for storing Cakes to extend their freshness, ensuring they remain delightful from the oven to the table.

          Module 7

          FAQ and additional tips!

          Get answers to your FAQs about proper storage, extending shelf life, recipe scaling, selecting the right baking pans, and troubleshooting common issues like sinking.

          Get now @ ₹ 3,990/- Only

          From Classic Elegance to Modern Creativity

          Check out all the variations you'll learn in Gourmet Celebration Cakes Masterclass

          Fruit Gateau

          Master the art of incorporating fresh or canned fruits into your cakes, complete with elegant floral decorations for a touch of sophistication.

          Cocoberry Cake

          Learn to create your own fruit fillings and compotes, combining flavors like cocoa and berries for a cake that never requires store-bought fillings.

          Cookies 'n' Creme Cheesecake Cake

          Dive into making a decadent cheesecake-filled cake topped with a luxurious chocolate glaze, blending the best of both worlds.

          Royal Indian Cake

          Infuse traditional Indian flavors like kesar, pista, and rasmalai into your cakes, bringing a unique cultural twist to your baking repertoire.

          Freakshake Cake

          Explore the trend of deconstructed milkshake-style cakes, complete with rich chocolate mousse fillings and over-the-top garnishes.

          Death By Chocolate Cake

          Become proficient in making ganache, whipped ganache, and homemade chocolate decoratives to create an indulgent truffle cake.

          Salted Caramel Cake

          Perfect the technique of adding liquid fillings and crafting a salted caramel-flavored frosting, finished with a sleek palette knife design on the side.

          Get now @ ₹ 3,990/- Only

          Exclusive Bonuses to elevate your baking biz!!

          Boost Your Cake Artistry with Exclusive Bonuses!

          1. Bake & Bond Community – Weekly mini classes for my students on exclusive topics where you’ll get accountability, motivation and more knowledge
          2. Bake It Happen Mentorship Programme – You’ll receive tailored 1 on 1 guidance on refining techniques, expanding your business, and troubleshooting your creations.
          3. CakespirationGain access to over 200+ cake designs across various styles to inspire your creativity.

          More bonuses to be added, price goes up after they’re added and if you enroll now, you’ll get them all for free!

          Get now @ ₹ 3,990/- Only

          Not just gourmet celebration cakes

          You'll also be able to bake & sell

          Using the exact same techniques, tools and recipes for:

          • Tiered Cakes
          • Cupcakes
          • Jar cakes
          • Bento cakes
          • Pastries

          All my students from this course are already baking these and selling like pros !!

          Get now @ ₹ 3,990/- Only !!

          Here's A Customized Step by Step Plan For Your Success

          Step 1 - Sign up and watch

          Undertsand the few equipments you need as per my guidance, watch the recipes and buy the ingredients

          Step 2 - Practice sponges & whipped cream

          Start practicing the sponge cakes - beginner and professional and show me your work so I can help you improve. Start practicing the whipped cream techniques without a cake!

          Step 3 - Practice assembling cakes & other variations

          After this, every unit teaches a different category of cakes. Assembling cakes with a sponge + syrup + fillings + frosting Every module discusses how to make a different kind of filling and a different style of decoration!

          Step 4 - Improved skills using 1:1 help and community!

          The most important part of the course happens here- in the mentorship - when you watch and try the lessons and send me your questions and we’ll discuss: What to do next, How to make more variations, How to make it better? Also stay active in the community for more helpful mini classes!

          Step 5- Succesfully selling them

          From learning how the science works to how flavour combinations work to what sells - you will learn everything: The purpose is to be able to make ANY flavour of Cake, BETTER than a bakery. I support you throughout the whole process - discussing your cakes and bakes with you❤‍

          Get now @ ₹ 3,990/- Only

          Discover the Course Designed to Elevate Your Baking Passion.

          Learn Why & How I made this course

          When I started, I wish I found someone and some courses that taught me everything about baking. That’s why I created these courses to put everything from 8 years of experience as a professional baker. So my students can learn all of these within a few months:

          • All my tricks and tips
          • All my recipes
          • All my techniques

          Also, the truth is these doesn’t help you sell at all. My focus is to make sure you practice in the right direction so you don’t waste your time and efforts in learning shortcuts or poor quality baking. This is what helps you stand apart from being a normal baker.

          And I promise you’ll never need another course to make professional cakes again!

          Get now @ ₹ 3,990/- Only

          Meet Me

          YOUR Baking coach

          Hey, I’m Shubhangi, your passionate baking coach and the founder of Redolence Bakery. My baking journey began with a love for creating sweet treats that soon became too much for my family to handle!

          That’s when I began sharing my creations with friends and neighbors, eventually turning this cherished hobby into a thriving home-based business in 2015. By 2018, I fully embraced my dream, converting my childhood home into a dedicated baking lab where I could innovate, create, and teach full-time.

          What sets me apart as a baking instructor is my commitment to teaching beyond recipes. I firmly believe in understanding the science behind baking and developing flawless master recipes that serve as the foundation for endless variations. With a background in food science and years of hands-on experience, My goal is to empower my students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence that they need to achieve baking excellence without breaking the bank.

          Get now @ ₹ 3,990/- Only

          Unlock the Full Suite of Benefits in the Gourmet Celebration Cakes Masterclass!

          Comprehensive Cake Mastery

          Dive deep into the art of gourmet cakes, mastering everything from fluffy sponges to intricate decorations. You’ll learn through detailed videos and ebooks, gaining skills to craft everything from cupcakes to elaborate celebration cakes.

          Exclusive Recipes & Techniques

          Access 100% eggless recipes, avoiding premixes and artificial flavors. Each recipe is designed for high-quality, pocket-friendly baking, focusing on natural flavors and unique designs that set your cakes apart.

          Professional Tools & Insight

          Start with the essentials; understand the best tools without overspending. Learn to select long-lasting equipment that makes professional baking accessible from your home kitchen.

          Decorating Mastery

          From whipping cream techniques to creating fruit gateaus and luxurious chocolate decorations, perfect your finishing touches and present cakes that look as incredible as they taste.

          Endless Variations

          Explore a wide range of cakes including Cocoberry Cake, Freakshake Cake, and the opulent Royal Indian Cake. Learn to infuse unique flavors and make cakes that cater to any occasion or palate.

          Personalised Mentorship

          Receive personalized guidance with 1:1 mentorship sessions. I’ll help you refine your skills, answer your questions, and guide you through making variations to better your craft.

          Community Support

          Join the ‘Bake & Bond Community’ for weekly mini-classes and ongoing support. Connect with fellow bakers, share experiences, and grow in a motivating environment.

          Bonus Content: Cakespiration

          Gain access to over 200+ cake designs. Use our Cakespiration board to inspire your creations and never run out of ideas for your next baking project.

          Lifetime Access

          Enjoy lifetime access to all course materials, ensuring you can revisit lessons and update your skills at any time. Plus, all new content added in the future is yours at no extra cost!

          Get now @ ₹ 3,990/- Only

          Invest in your passion for cake artistry and see your creativity and profits roar as you master gourmet cake designs that dazzle and delight.

          Get now @ ₹ 3,990/- Only

          Absolutely! My courses are perfect for beginners. You’ll start from scratch—learning everything from how to use an oven to mixing up delightful flavors. I make sure you build a strong foundation before moving on to more advanced techniques.

          No, you just need some basic ingredients and I’ll guide you about where and how to buy everything with links and contacts of vendors.

          You’ll be surprised how simple it is to start! Most ingredients and tools are probably already in your kitchen. I’ll guide you on how to use a basic oven or even a pressure cooker to get started.

          All my courses come with a very strong after class support. You can always ask your questions via my WhatsApp support group! I always love to discuss additional topics with my students. In the support group, you’ll find like minded bakers and we all build each other up like a family!

          Yes, you can! You don’t need bags of money or a business degree to succeed. My courses are designed with home bakers in mind, providing strategies that work without a big budget. I started exactly where you are, and I’ll guide you through every step to success.

          As aoon as you sign up, You will immediately get lifetime access to all the pre recorded course content + ebooks + templates.

          Yes, all recipes are 100% eggfree! They’re developed especially keeping in mind that and ingredients are never directly substituted for eggs. That said, the extensive trials make sure all dishes are just as amazing as their egg- containing counterparts.

          Unlike YouTube, where you watch videos to learn recipes, with these courses you learn techniques. You get to learn the in-depth science behind baking, so you know exactly what happens when you want to make changes to a recipe, we don’t just scratch the surface but dig deep down into the vast world of baking.

          All recipes are tested over innumerable trials and very well researched to make sure they’re pocket friendly, easy to make and give consistent result incase you wish to sell your baked goods. Unlike a recipe you read on the internet, you always have after class support for inspiration, queries and anything else you might need help with.

          See, I respect your time & money. I 💯% know how you’re struggling with spending so much money on new recipes, and so much time trying them only to end up with a bad experience. ⚡I want to you to save your time, effort and money by giving you this ALL IN ONE course, that you won’t find anywhere else.⚡

          When you sign up for one of my courses at Redolence Bakery, you’re not just gaining access to top-notch baking education; you’re joining a supportive community that’s dedicated to your success. Here’s what you can expect:

          1. Comprehensive Learning Materials: You’ll receive immediate lifetime access to all course content, including pre-recorded video lessons, detailed eBooks, and practical templates. This means you can revisit the material anytime you need a refresher.

          2. Interactive Support: I believe in hands-on support to ensure you perfect your baking skills. Through our dedicated WhatsApp support group, you can ask any questions that come up during your learning process. Whether you’re struggling with a technique or need advice on a recipe adjustment, I’m here to provide personalized guidance. Plus, you can share photos of your bakes, and we’ll discuss them together to pinpoint any areas for improvement.

          3. Community Engagement: Learning is more fun and effective with peers who share your passion. Our support group also serves as a vibrant community space where you can brainstorm issues, exchange ideas, and participate in additional activities. It’s a great way to stay motivated and inspired.

          4. Exclusive Perks: As part of my commitment to your baking journey, you’ll also receive an exclusive, limited-time gift when you enroll. This special token is just one of the many ways I like to make my students feel appreciated and excited about their new adventure.

          By joining a course at Redolence Bakery, you’re not just learning how to bake; you’re investing in a skill that can transform your passion into a profession. With my comprehensive resources and unwavering support, you’re set up for success from the very start. Let’s bake, learn, and grow together!

          Definitely! My recipes are not just for fun; they are crafted for commercial success. You’ll learn to bake goods that are perfect for selling, whether you want to cater to large events or set up a boutique bakery.

          Frequently asked questions

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