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Lifetime access Certified Bakery Courses Online in India to learn the art and science of egg-free baking.
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Gourmet Celebration cakes masterclass
Learn the art and science of cakes, from flavourful fillings and frostings to beautiful icings and decoratives! All EGGFREE! Explore more online affordable baking certificate courses here!
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About Redolence Bakery

In 2015, Redolence Bakery started as a small home business where I used to sell all things baked for just friends and family. I never knew I would turn my passion into a full-time baking business. In 2018, my childhood home which I love more than dear life itself was turned into my studio (or baking lab?) where I experiment, shoot my classes and teach.

The classes focus on helping you learn the art and science behind baking to move beyond recipes. All classes are online and we’re now a tiny, close-knit yet global family. Redolence is a no-egg zone and all recipes are specially developed keeping that in mind! With us, you get to learn the most amazing baking tips, which will help you bake with a new mindset with our affordable baking classes online.

my story

About Me

Hey! I’m Shubhangi!

    2. Food is everything to me. I don’t eat to live, I live to eat (and cook!). I am a sucker for the science and history behind every dish I learn and teach (you know this if you’ve attended my classes).
    4. I think I’m a funny, smart, beautiful and kind woman and my 15-year-old self would be really proud of the woman I am today. (fine, humour is subjective, I’ll let you decide if you think I’m funny or just incredibly lame).
    6. I LOVE sharing about my life 1:1 and getting to know people even beyond “business”.I’m very chatty, people who get on calls with me know how it goes. 

    7. My aim is to help other women to bake, pursure their passion and establish their own home bakeries, just like me.

lifetime access baking classes

Redolence Baking School

Make professional gourmet cakes by learning the techniques from an experienced baker. Move beyond basic cakes and make specialty cakes by learning elegant designs.

Or 3 interest free payments of 1,900.00 with


Learn to make cookies like a pro! Always wondered how you’ll get the texture you desired? With the correct techniques, you’ll learn how each ingredient affects the…

Or 3 interest free payments of 1,333.34 with


Make fail-proof ice creams, gelatos, sorbets, and frozen yogurt- sure to leave everyone craving another scoop! No gelatin, CMC, GMS or even eggs!

Or 3 interest free payments of 1,166.68 with


What People are saying

Gayathri Ramadass
Enrolled in the masala bread mini class
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I have learnt bread making from her and honestly she is a great teacher. She helped me bake a wonderful loaf and she is always ready to help when needed. I would totally recommend to learn from Shubhi.
Bhavani Verma
Enrolled in Gourmet Celebration Cakes Masterclass
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I signed up for fruit cake & bread making course. Loved the details shared in the course and support I get every time I have a question or need suggestion irrespective of the time I ask questions. Thank you for being so patient and help me get better. I am glad to have signed up for courses you offer.
Khushboo Purkayastha
Enrolled in Gourmet Celebration Cakes Masterclass
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One of the best bakers I have come across. Her flavors are really good and she customizes as per your needs and occasion. Her customizations are very beautiful. I have also attended few of her classes and she has always been supportive to people who want to learn and have an interest in baking. She is also available so post class doubts and very helpful.

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With lifetime access to affordable online professional baking classes in India, Redolence Baking School is the best in the field. Get in touch with us to learn something new.


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