Start Your Home Bakery in 90 Days

Build your Bakery with Confidence

Unlock the secrets to starting your own home bakery in just 90 days! This course is your complete roadmap, offering live and recorded sessions that cover everything from business planning to advanced tips and strategies from my experience of more than a decade , ensuring you stand out in the baking business.

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Business Foundation Mastery

Community and Continuous Learning

Marketing and Operations Toolkit

Imagine your home bakery thriving and overflowing with orders in just 90 days!

Join the list of successful bakers who started right where you are and are shining today we a bright baking future

    I love to bake cakes for my family. I thought that it's a nice idea to start a homebakery for business and to also improve my baking skills. M a housewife and also a mother of 5 years twin daughter. So it's very hard for me to attend offline baking classes. That's why I started searching online classes bt I can't find a suitable online classes for me. At that time I saw a advertisement of best selling sponge class of subhangi ma'am in a affordable price. I just enrolled it. And it is the best decision for my Homebakery. Bcz the way sheexplained everything is just amazing. Even a small thing she didn't miss. And also I like the way of her one to one support.

    Anee Ankita Rout

      Shubhangi's classes are awesome. They are very well structured and cover all aspects of baking, even the business side of it. She spoils you with mini classes which are in no way mini and have tons and tons of tips to help you in every step of your business. She is very responsive to students' queries and regularly takes polls from them to identify where exactly they are struggling. You can ask her anything and she will be ready with an answer.

      Swapna M

        I'm happy that I found a teacher like shubhangi mam. Wonderful baker and definitely an awesome mentor. She just picks up the calls and replies to you when you need her. No other baker had ever been so generous about their time to their students. Every Teacher after class is just concerned about posting contents for promotions. And not really reply to you or help you. But mam shubhangi is special. She will answer you anytime of the day. Even if before she goes to sleep she takes the time to answer your doubts and helps you. And her recipes and the presentation and everything she has mentioned in the class videos and pdfs are truly all the information any beginner needs.

        Anandhi Shanmugham

        Get now at ₹ 839/- Only

        For less than the price of a weekend getaway master the art of home baking and turn your passion into a profitable business with my guidance!

        Get now at ₹ 839/- Only

        say goodbye to

        instead you'll discover

        say goodbye to

        instead you'll discover

        Get now at ₹ 839/- Only

        Here's What you'll learn & implement in Start your home Bakery in 90 Days Masterclass

        Kickstart your dream bakery business in just 90 days with this comprehensive course! Gain lifelong access to step-by-step guidance, personalized mentorship, and a supportive community of fellow bakers.

        Get now at ₹ 839/- Only

        Launch Your Dream Home Bakery in Just 90 Days

        modules developed for baking biz mastery

        Module 1

        Understanding yourself & the business

        • Finding your why & passion
        • Niching down
        • Personal branding
        • Competitor analysis

        Module 2

        Getting skilled

        • Continuous Skill development
        • Building connections
        • Realistic time management

        Module 3

        Business plans

        • Crafting a business plan
        • Pricing strategies
        • Menu planning
        • Licensing

        Module 4

        Launching your home bakery

        • Getting initial customers (and not depending on friends & family)
        • Platforms & softwares to use for accounting/ design/ marketing
        • Importance of visual appeal

        Module 5

        Marketing & operations

        • basics of marketing
        • Day to day accounting
        • Building customer loyalty

        Module 6

        Refining your process

        • Gathering feedback & improvement
        • Time management with family + job + orders
        • Financial management so you can invest in upgrading your business
        • Reducing costs

        Get now at ₹ 839/- Only

        Here's A Customized Step by Step Plan For Your Success

        Step 1 - Sign up and watch

        Watch the video lessons and make notes

        Step 2 - Ask questions in the support group

        Share your struggles with your new baking family, where we support and help each other with more solutions and resources!

        Step 3 - Implement those Strategies

        Follow the plan you’ve created and keep us in the loop! You’ll get accountability and motivation to keep moving forward!

        Step 4 - Succesfully setting up or restarting your home bakery

        With all the tools, support and tips- you’ll be ready to shine in no time!

        Get now at ₹ 839/- Only

        Unleash Your Baking Passion Into Profit!

        Launch Your Dream Home Bakery in Just 90 Days!

        • Imagine starting every day knowing exactly what you need to do to grow your bakery. Feel the excitement as you follow a clear, easy-to-navigate path from your first sale to a flourishing business.
        • Picture managing your bakery finances like a pro, where every rupee spent brings you closer to your dream. Master cost-effective techniques that maximize your profit without sacrificing quality.
        • Dream of a life where your business thrives alongside your personal time. Master the art of efficiency, baking up success while still enjoying precious moments with family and friends.

        Join a vibrant community of passionate bakers and start building your dream bakery with us today. Don’t just bake, create a lifestyle where every batch sold enriches your spirit and bank account.

        Get now at ₹ 839/- Only

        Meet Me

        YOUR Baking coach

        Hey, I’m Shubhangi, your passionate baking coach and the founder of Redolence Bakery. My baking journey began with a love for creating sweet treats that soon became too much for my family to handle!

        That’s when I began sharing my creations with friends and neighbors, eventually turning this cherished hobby into a thriving home-based business in 2015. By 2018, I fully embraced my dream, converting my childhood home into a dedicated baking lab where I could innovate, create, and teach full-time.

        What sets me apart as a baking instructor is my commitment to teaching beyond recipes. I firmly believe in understanding the science behind baking and developing flawless master recipes that serve as the foundation for endless variations. With a background in food science and years of hands-on experience, My goal is to empower my students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence that they need to achieve baking excellence without breaking the bank.

        Get now at ₹ 839/- Only

        Everything you'll ever need to launch your Home Bakery - An Overview

        Self-Discovery and Business Fundamentals

        Dive deep into understanding your motivations, establish your niche, create a personal brand, and conduct competitor analysis.

        Skill Enhancement

        Continuously develop your baking and business skills, build vital industry connections, and learn effective time management.

        Business Planning

        Craft detailed business plans, develop pricing strategies, plan your menu effectively, and understand licensing requirements.

        Launch Strategies

        Learn how to attract your initial customers independently, utilize essential software for business operations, and enhance your bakery’s visual appeal.

        Marketing and Operations

        Get to grips with basic marketing principles, manage day-to-day accounts, and build lasting customer loyalty.

        Process Optimization

        Focus on collecting feedback, improving processes, managing your time across responsibilities, and financial strategies to reinvest in your business.

        Get now at ₹ 839/- Only

        This course is more than just modules; it's your launchpad to turn your home bakery dreams into a profitable reality. Enroll today to start your journey to business success!

        Get now at ₹ 839/- Only

        Absolutely! My courses are perfect for beginners. You’ll start from scratch—learning everything from how to use an oven to mixing up delightful flavors. I make sure you build a strong foundation before moving on to more advanced techniques.

        Yes, you can! You don’t need bags of money or a business degree to succeed. My courses are designed with home bakers in mind, providing strategies that work without a big budget. I started exactly where you are, and I’ll guide you through every step to success.

        All my courses come with a very strong after class support. You can always ask your questions via my WhatsApp support group! I always love to discuss additional topics with my students. In the support group, you’ll find like minded bakers and we all build each other up like a family!

        Unlike YouTube, where you watch videos to learn recipes, with these courses you learn techniques. You get to learn the in-depth science behind baking, so you know exactly what happens when you want to make changes to a recipe, we don’t just scratch the surface but dig deep down into the vast world of baking.

        All recipes are tested over innumerable trials and very well researched to make sure they’re pocket friendly, easy to make and give consistent result incase you wish to sell your baked goods. Unlike a recipe you read on the internet, you always have after class support for inspiration, queries and anything else you might need help with.

        See, I respect your time & money. I 💯% know how you’re struggling with spending so much money on new recipes, and so much time trying them only to end up with a bad experience. ⚡I want to you to save your time, effort and money by giving you this ALL IN ONE course, that you won’t find anywhere else.⚡

        When you sign up for one of my courses at Redolence Bakery, you’re not just gaining access to top-notch baking education; you’re joining a supportive community that’s dedicated to your success. Here’s what you can expect:

        1. Comprehensive Learning Materials: You’ll receive immediate lifetime access to all course content, including pre-recorded video lessons, detailed eBooks, and practical templates. This means you can revisit the material anytime you need a refresher.

        2. Interactive Support: I believe in hands-on support to ensure you perfect your baking skills. Through our dedicated WhatsApp support group, you can ask any questions that come up during your learning process. Whether you’re struggling with a technique or need advice on a recipe adjustment, I’m here to provide personalized guidance. Plus, you can share photos of your bakes, and we’ll discuss them together to pinpoint any areas for improvement.

        3. Community Engagement: Learning is more fun and effective with peers who share your passion. Our support group also serves as a vibrant community space where you can brainstorm issues, exchange ideas, and participate in additional activities. It’s a great way to stay motivated and inspired.

        4. Exclusive Perks: As part of my commitment to your baking journey, you’ll also receive an exclusive, limited-time gift when you enroll. This special token is just one of the many ways I like to make my students feel appreciated and excited about their new adventure.

        By joining a course at Redolence Bakery, you’re not just learning how to bake; you’re investing in a skill that can transform your passion into a profession. With my comprehensive resources and unwavering support, you’re set up for success from the very start. Let’s bake, learn, and grow together!

        As aoon as you sign up, You will immediately get lifetime access to all the pre recorded course content + ebooks + templates.

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